When We Come Back

If you’re like me, you cannot wait to worship in a church full of people again. Each lockdown Sunday, I am reminded of the privilege we experienced when worshipping together in person. To think that many Christians throughout history have had to worship in secret for fear of government persecution puts into perspective how privilegedContinue reading “When We Come Back”

So, You’re a Researcher Now?

Congratulations on deciding to do your “own” research! Research is an exciting vocation that can be very rewarding. However, before beginning to research, the following points need to be addressed. #1 – What is your background and research question? As you are already aware, research is a rigorous process of contributing knowledge under the scrutinyContinue reading “So, You’re a Researcher Now?”

When We Get Tipped Over

During times of crisis we cannot help but expose the state of our inner self. There are always “bottle tipping” moments in life–moments when we are turned upside down and the content of our hearts are on display. We often react on instinct, and in a world plagued by the ability of instant self-promotion, uglyContinue reading “When We Get Tipped Over”


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